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Chris Cross Media JP4 Trailer

Our friends over at ChrisCrossMedia made this vastly popular Jurassic Park 4 trailer. It is by no means an actual trailer for the movie and should not be viewed as one. As of now there is no official plot or details about the movie but this trailer is still a lot of fun to watch. Read On

How Will Crichton’s Death Impact Jurassic Park 4

Michael Crichton Jurassic Park 4

Before Jurassic  Park became a box office success and n American classic movie, it was a novel. Originally written by best-selling novelist Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park introduced readers to a world that had always existed in our imaginations but not been formatted into media form. Bringing dinosaurs back to life in a world of adventure, tourism and danger put readers on the edge of their seats and caught the attention of the heavy weights in the film industry.   After the first film’s success he was approached to write a second novel to continue the story and offer script writers another way to bring fans to the theaters. Titled... Read On

What is Jurassic Park Canon?

Jurassic Park Canon

Ideally we could exist in a world where the official Jurassic Park canon was based on Michael Crichton’s  intentions and the only two official stories in the franchise thus far was the original Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Crichton was a realistic person though and he understood that there was a large difference between what can be done in a book and what could be done in a movie. As a result the books and movies had some plot differences. In the end both offerings on screen were large box office successes and they continued the storyline appropriately.   Years later Jurassic Park 3 hit theaters. While it... Read On

Feathers or Not?

jurassic park 4 feathers

Jurassic Park is a movie and its sole purpose is to entertain the viewers, but does that mean some scientific credibility should be sacrificed? The original classic featured a brachiosaurus that stood up on its hind legs, something that would likely kill an animal of that size as its bones collapse upon its own weight. Despite this inaccurate portrayal of a now extinct animal, movie goers quite frankly did not care. Jurassic Park offered a journey into our imagination, tested the limits of our thinking of what could be possible and what should be done, and terrified and amazed us.   Since the original Jurassic Park movie has come... Read On

Jurassic Park IV – Impending Dino Damage


Jurassic Park IV – Impending Dino Damage My mind still holds on to memories of the first movie I ever saw in a theater. It was 1993 and my pops decided to take me out to THE dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park. Of course, being an 8-year-old boy at the time, dinosaurs were the coolest thing in the universe and any movie filled with realistic looking ones in every scene, proved to be a dream come true. Nearly two decades and two sequels later, the Jurassic Park movies still rekindle a little bit of that child-like fascination with the prehistoric creatures that I had as a kid and with Jurassic... Read On

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