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Jurassic Park 4 Release Date

Jurassic Park 4 is still in its early production stages.  Having been announced for years, being put on the sidelines for other projects, being canceled altogether, and then being confirmed again, the Jurassic Park 4 release date is still not exactly determined.


When Steven Spielberg was asked about the Jurassic Park 4 release date at the comic con last year, he told the audience that they can expect to see it being made within the next two or three years. The bad news for Jurassic Park 4 fans is that this time frame is only the period in which they should start making the film, and not the actual Jurassic Park IV release date time frame. Depending on how many production and filming delays the film sees, it could be until 2015 or even 2016 that the Jurassic Park 4 release date finally arrives.

When Does Jurassic Park 4 Come Out


Considering the amount of information on the film that is out so far and the substantial delays that have hit the project, including the one that came with the early death of Michael Crichton, a 2014 filming date seems more realistic than a 2013 one. Most large movies that will hit theaters next year have already been announced or seen substantially more related news.


The previous Jurassic Park movies were large blockbuster hits and the franchise has a big name to live up to, and with people like Spielberg and Johnston on board, it is certain that the team will take its time to impress with not just the special effects, but also the storyline and overall feeling of the movie.


With that in mind, it is a safe assumption to say that the Jurassic Park 4 release date will be later rather than sooner, with a release date in 2013 at earliest and a 2014 or 2015 estimate being more likely. Stay tuned for updates as they come. When the actual confirmed release date is announced, you can find it here the moment the news breaks.


jurassic park 4 release date
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  1. Julia Weirich says
    24 May 12 at 5:53pm

    Jurassic Park is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE movie series ever. It’s actually a funny story, but to make it short, when I first heard of Jurassic park I thought it would be very boring and lame. But, one day I went to my grandfather’s house and watched part 3 for the first time and LOVED IT(P.S. I was only 9 or 10 years old and I’m a girl)!!!!!!!!!! Then I made my parents buy me all of the movies and I still watch and LOVE them to this day at 14 years old!!! I’m actually watching part 3(P.P.S My favorite one) as I am typing this right now! I really really want to find out when or at least assumed when part 4 will be released but no matter who I ask or where I look I cant get a strait answer from anyone!!! Maybe you can help me. I am sorry if you hear this a lot but, I am dying to try to find out when it will be released!! Do you by any chance know when it will be released?!? Or if you know the director, Steven Spielberg (sorry if I spelled it wrong) can ask him and give me a reply back soon, that would help me out a lot!!! Thank You very much and I am looking forward to all the future Jurassic Park movies. : )

    • Harry says
      03 Aug 12 at 1:13am

      My favorite Franchise ever! Nothing even comes close to how good these movies are!!! I have the collectors edition! :D I’ve watched them all around a zillion times and never get bored at all!
      Release date: Frank Marshall, the appointed producer said around 2014

    • Jeremiah Hilliard says
      04 Aug 12 at 9:07am

      Number four should be coming out in 2014. I was in a state of total delirium when I watched a video on YouTube by Machinima, titled Jurassic Park 4 release date(or something to that effect). I watched all the other movies that same day on my ultimate trilogy set. Ah Jurassic Park..may my children enjoy as I have.

  2. brittany says
    27 Jun 12 at 3:18am

    I am also a 14 year old girl( 13 actually I’ll be 14 in october) and I love these movies! have em all been looking for number 4 since 2010!


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