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Jurassic Park 4 Plot

Jurassic Park 4 Plot


The Jurassic Park 4 plot has been a hot topic ever since the first rumors of a Jurassic Park 4 hit the news. While the first 2 films drew their inspiration from Michael Crichton’s novels, the third installment was a plot of its own and is seen by many as the weakest in the franchise. Though much of that can be attributed to the nostalgic feeling viewers had towards the original, the introduction to a less grand plot focusing on a family versus the park concept in entirety, and the devaluation of the dinosaurs that made the first two films successful, it leads us to question what the Jurassic Park 4 plot will be.


No official Jurassic Park 4 plot has been revealed yet, though any related details will be put live the moment it does, there has been speculation and rumors of the supposed plot. Some reports came out that the Jurassic Park 4 plot will bring the dinosaurs mainland, with some of them either managing to naturally get off of the island, or a group bringing them on the mainland in a similar manner that was seen in The Lost World.


Once on the mainland there is the concept that a new park will be set up, where of course problems must occur, after all – it is a Jurassic Park movie. As the dinosaurs escape, the struggle to survive is no longer isolated to a small group of individuals on an island, but to an entire population.


What is the Jurassic Park 4 Plot

Another Jurassic Park 4 plot rumor focuses around the weaponization of the dinosaurs. It has been proposed that a militant group, company or military captured some dinosaurs, who were terrifying and dangerous enough on their own, but also upgraded their intelligence and even potentially attached weapons to them. The science fiction nature of bring dinosaurs back to life is a stretch in itself, but to then weaponize them for military purposes make make the Jurassic Park 4 plot into more of a joke and lead to a backlash.


The Jurassic Park 4 plot has also been rumored to focus around the lysine contingency mentioned in the original novel, and vaguely referenced in the original two movies. The concept was that the dinosaurs were created to have a self-destruct feature that would cause them to die out if not fed food that contained lysine. Of course nature found a way to allow them to breed, and to survive long enough for a second and third movie without a force food diet of lysine, but perhaps this will lead to some side effect that could be a focal point of the entire Jurassic Park 4 plot.


jurassic park 4 plot

What do you think?

One final Jurassic Park 4 plot rumor revolves around that can of dinosaur DNA that was stolen. Dennis Nedry tried to steal some DNA samples for one of InGEN’s competitors, but suffered a fate similar to many that come face to face with a dilophosaurus. The last we saw of his canister was it being washed down the hill. There was only a small time frame that the DNA samples could survive, but the latest Jurassic Park video game offered up some ideas on how the samples could become entwined in a Jurassic Park 4 plot. If it was retrieved in time, it could be a part of the plot.


jurassic park 4 plot

jurassic park 4 plot "Ian Freeze!" Will Dr. Malcom be a part of the Jurassic Park 4 plot?



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      Absolutely love Jurassic Park as a kid. Was completely stekod to find out that there is a PREHISTORIC CHANNEL. How perfect a concept is that. The Founder of PREHISTORIC CHANNEL has just released his first thriller book. THE ICE GORILLA book is being looked at by movie producers i read, and may be made into a movie. It all depends on how well the book in fact sells. Would be cool to see THE ICE GORILLA made into a movie as well as Jurassic Park 4. Then I could die in peace. LOL


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